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Profit after tax attributed to parent company’s shareholder increased by 32% YoY


FPT’s revenue and PBT in Q3 2019 increased by 17.7% and 30.2% year on year (YoY), achieved VND 7,104 billion and VND 1,368 billion, respectively. In 9M2019, revenue and PBT increased by 20.5% and 28.1% YoY, achieved VND 19,597 billion and VND 3,507 billion, equal to 104.0% and 110.5% of the year to date (YTD) target.

Profit after tax (PAT) and PAT attributed to parent company’s shareholders was VND 2,940 billion and VND 2,378 billion, up 27.7% and 30.1% YoY, respectively. EPS was VND 3,513, up 29.5% YoY. Moreover, the PBT margin was improved to 17.9% (16.8% in 9M2018).

Financial performance by sector: Technology sector’s PBT soared by 41.8% YoY

As a key growth diver of FPT, Technology sector recorded revenue and PBT of VND 11,068 billion and VND 1,471 billion, equal to 104% and 108% of the YTD target, up 25.3% and 41.8% YoY, respectively. In which, the IT services from global market recorded revenue of VND 7,796 billion, up 32.1% YoY. PBT was VND 1,246 billion, up 33.9% YoY.

With a strategic focus on digital transformation, this service line’s revenue was VND 2,525  billion, up 35.2% YoY, contributing 32.4% to the global IT services’ revenue (this proportion in 9M2018 was 31.6%).

Telecom sector had its revenue up 16.6%, to VND 7,561 billion, equal to 103% of the YTD target. PBT was VND 1,294 billion, equal to 108% of the YTD target, up 15.2% YoY. In which, Telecom services’ revenue and PBT reached VND 7,133 billion and VND 1,074 billion, up 16.8% and 18.4% YoY, respectively.

As of September 30th 2019, the total number of students of Education sector was 47,200, up 30% YoY.

Financial performance by market: Overseas markets' PBT up 29.4% YoY

In 9M2019, overseas markets brought FPT with revenue of VND 8,221 billion, up 28.5% YoY and PBT of VND 1,344 billion, up 29.4% YoY. The overseas revenue and PBT contributed 42% and 38% to the Corporation's performance, respectively (In 9M2018, the proportions were 39% and 38%).