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FPT Television launches its first sitcom series – “Nobody, but God!”


On December 26, FPT Television introduced its first sitcom series - 'Nobody, but God!' (Có giời mới biết) by, with the participation of many famous comedians in the North namely Chi Trung, Minh Hang, Quang Thang, Duc Khue, Van Dung, Manh Dung and bach Quanh etc.

"Nobody, but God!" is the first sitcom series by FPT Television. This kind is not new to Vietnamese viewers, but with careful investment in the script, director, actors and staging techniques, FPT Television wants to bring a familiar program close to the culture and lifestyle of the Vietnamese.

The series is scripted by Creative Director of FPT Television Dinh Tien Dzung, who scripted many popular programs such as the comedy shows “Gặp nhau cuối năm”, "Hỏi Xoáy - Đáp Xoay"; interactive TV programs such Open Safe, Just For Fun etc. FPT Television have also cooperated with other screenwriters such as Dinh Tran Tuan Linh and Pham Gia Hien to ensure that this long-distance project can run smoothly. "We aim to launch products like rice, the mainstay of the Vietnamese diet, so that people can "eat for a long time". The unexpected ones will be added to each episode like "savoury food",” said Dzung.

There are two families under the same roof. They live in two different worlds, one in this human world and another including Thổ Công (Duke of the Soil), Thổ Địa (Earth Deity) and Thổ Kỳ (Local Guard) as household guardians. These gods have to be in charge of Phuc - Loc - Tho indexes (happiness, wealth and longevity) of the human family. When problems arise, they are forced to work together to solve them as they will affect their achievements.

There are 4 people in the human family. Mr. Hoi is hot-tempered and patriarchal as his personal feng shui element is Fire, Mrs. Dao is always flexible but unpredictable as her personal feng shui element is Water. Their son Cuong is lost in daydreams and undetermined as his personal feng shui element is Metal, while housemaid Tham is good-natured and simple-hearted as her personal feng shui element is Earth.

According to the Vietnamese traditional viewpoint, "Giời" (Heaven/God) could be understood as the universe, the law of God is how everything works. In fact, there are many things far beyond human understanding, only God knows. We think that there are secrets only we know, but God also knows. Kindness in our daily lives is sometimes ignored, but surely God knows. And that is the message each episode sends to the audience.

The sitcom series with 52 episodes will be on air at 20:30 every Monday on FPT TV and FPT Play app starting on January 1st, 2018.

For more information on the sitcom series, see: https://truyenhinh.fpt.vn/ or fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/truyenhinhfpt