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FPT Telecom launches "Connection priority" solution during Covid-19 outbreak


FPT Telecom launches "Connection priority" solution during Covid-19 outbreak

On April 27, FPT Telecom launched the solution of "FPT VPN - CONNECTION PRIORITY", which ensure Internet connection for online activities.

The COVID-19 outbreak has had a strong impact on production and business activities of many individuals as well as businesses, remote working solutions have become more and more popular and been used to full effect.

As the rapid increase of online activities, customers have the urgent need for a stable and smooth Internet connection speed so that online studying and working are not interrupted.

“FPT VPN is a VPN-based “CONNECTION PRIORITY” service which helps users maintain a high-speed Internet connection to learn online, interact remotely, watch and download videos through popular social networking apps, etc.” said Mr. Pham Duy Phuc, FTI CEO.

Accordingly, FPT VPN has many outstanding features such as meeting the demand for connection priority when they access the international Internet; improving the quality when using online training services: MS Team, Cisco WebEx, and Skype etc.; improve the quality when using live-stream services on Facebook, Tiktok, BigoLive; improving the quality when using Office 365, Gmail.

Especially, the solution offers many benefits: easy and quick installation with only 1 CLICK; access with connection priority and guaranteed information security.

Connection priority aims at ensuring the Internet speed

The solution is suitable for parents, students in need of working and learning online; those who do online business; play online games; live stream, etc. From now to May 15, customers can experience the service with only VND 100,000 /month.

More details at https://FPTVPN.com/ or HOTLINE: 1800 6906.