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FPT Software Wins Multiple Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards for Innovation


Competing 1,000 nominations from 29 countries, FPT Software's digital transformation platforms and solutions including akaBot, akaMES, akaChain have conquered 100 international judges, won 2 Gold and 1 Silver awards at the 2020 Stevie Awards, Asia-Pacific region. Initiated in 2002, this is the only award that celebrates innovation in business activities across the region and is the world's leading award in business.

Accordingly, with the breakthrough in innovation, akaBot, its comprehensive RPA (Robots Processing Automation) solution, received the Gold Winner Award for Innovation in Business-to-Business Products; Manufacturing IT platform akaMES won Gold for Innovation in Construction, Manufacturing or Materials; and akaChain, the enterprise blockchain platform, won Silver for Innovation in Technology Management – Computer industries.

akaBot, akaMES and akaChain are three of digital transformation solutions and platforms developed by FPT, helping businesses optimize operations, improve customer experience and find new business opportunities to recover and breakthrough in the new normal.

With RPA technology, akaBot can help businesses automate manual and repetitive processes, saving up to 60% cost and 90% time. akaBot is able to meet the needs of 24/7 continuous service operation as 10 times as human processing speed, minimize human dependency, optimize costs and switch resources, shift to more value-added work for businesses. Currently akaBot is used and recognized by 20 major enterprises in finance - banking, logistics, manufacturing, retail, etc. in 6 countries around the world.

akaMES can integrate production machine and production schedule. The planning function allows businesses to manage, monitor and synchronize the real-time implementation of production processes from raw materials to finished products. akaMES saves 70-80% of paperwork, increases work efficiency by 30-40% at factories.

akaChain helps to optimize loyal customer programs, thereby enhancing the customer experience. In particular, in the financial sector, akaChain also assists businesses in automating the customer identification process - eKYC (Electronic Know Your Customer), then helping accurately assess potential risks on the payment system. Besides eKYC, customer credit scoring method based on blockchain technology by akaChain is also a solution to help evaluate and reduce bad debts for retail, banking, and financial services sectors.

The representative of the organizers, Ms. Maggie Gallagher- Chairman of Stevie Group, said that the award focused on recognizing innovations in all aspects of the workplace of organizations and each individual in the region. This year’s winning nominations are testaments to the resiliency and innovation of organizations in the region, many of which continue to succeed despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Tran Dang Hoa, FPT Software’s Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Operation Officer said that for decades, FPT Software has strived to deliver innovative products and services that address various business problems.

“The high-ranking products at the Stevie Awards, recognized by international friends, have once again affirmed the company's pioneering position in the field of digital transformation and effectively contributed to the operation process for business community”, Mr. Hoa said. First held in 2002, the Stevie® Awards are an award honoring business organizations with innovative achievements in the workplace, from product design to the development and application of technology into practice. The Stevie® Awards include 8 editions held in 8 economic regions and areas around the world. The awards receive an average of 12,000 nominations from more than 70 countries around the world each year.