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FPT Software sets up first international production center in Americas


It is FPT Software’s first-ever production center in the Americas and 52nd office around 25 countries and territories.

With advantages in geography and human resources, the center is expected to play an important role in ensuring round-the-clock operations in service of U.S. clients.

Together with a center in Hyderabad, India, FPT Costa Rica will create a chain capable of providing digital transformation solutions to U.S. clients.

Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, FPT Software posted annual business growth of nearly 12% last year in the U.S. and signed a contract worth nearly USD150 million with an automobile manufacturer.

CEO Pham Minh Tuan said FPT Costa Rica has set a goal of 1,000 employees in the next three years, laying an important foundation for FPT Software to boost production and realize its ambition of becoming one of the top 50 information technology companies in Asia in the near future.

FPT Software CEO Pham Minh Tuan shared about FPT Costa Rica's goal

“Large contracts and cooperation with demanding clients not only help the company grow well, but also create opportunities for FPT Software's staff to transform themselves and develop their talents to become top experts and talented managers", added he.

It is no coincidence that FPT Software set up its first international software production center in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is known as "The Silicon Valley of Latin America" with nearly 900 technology companies, including more than 20 companies on the Fortune Global 500 list and more than 250 multinational companies such as Microsoft, Intel, IBM, NBC, Amazon and Sykes etc.