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FPT Software partners with OutSystems


FPT Software recently signed the Managed Services Partner agreement OutSystems – the provider of the number one platform for low-code rapid application development, a strategic move that helps both sides strengthen foothold in the Japanese market through low-code platforms.

FPT Software will provide a comprehensive range of services from development, operations to maintenance of software applications on its low-code platform.

“FPT has a large number of resources, multi-language capabilities as well as a strong position in the Japanese market since it is a very large base for the company. I believe it has a lot to offer and to bring that offshore development capability to Japan”, said Mr. Arnold, OutSystems’s Northeast Asia and Japan Regional Vice President.

“With labor shortage, Japanese businesses have actively adopted digital technologies such as low code to enhance their productivity and competitiveness. We really look forward to working with OutSystems to accelerate digital transformation in the country”, said FPT Chairman Truong Gia Binh.

Low code, as defined by is OutSystems, is a software development approach that enables faster delivery of applications, hence faster time-to-market.

Low-code has helped OutSystems customers achieve exceptional results: having a 253 % increase in investment in seven months; launching 60 apps in less than two years; saving 650 days of development efforts.