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FPT Software joins hands with Finnish tech firm for DX in ASEAN


Recently, FPT Software signed a partnership agreement with The Qt Company (Qt) - a Finnish tech firm with a strong presence in more than 70 industries to accelerate digital transformation initiatives in Southeast Asia, increasing their market shares and enabling seamless user experience across devices.

The collaboration is expected to help FPT Software diversify their service portfolio as well as enhance our digital capabilities and Qt to strengthen its foothold in Southeast Asian markets.

FPT Software will play the role of a key Professional Service Provider as well as a License Reseller of Qt in the region. It will help promote Qt’s cross-platform software framework and implement Qt’s user-friendly applications running on embedded products.

Qt develops and provides a cross-platform framework for companies to write their applications only once, yet run them anywhere and on any device. Qt’s technology has been adopted by more than one million developers around the world. It enables a single software code across all operating systems, platforms and screen types.

With their long history of cooperation in Europe and America and East Asia, Qt chose FPT Software as a partner to develop their technology ecosystem and expand the market in Southeast Asia. A representative of FPT Software said that during the cooperation period, FPT Software has developed a team of more than 400 software engineers and developers highly appreciated by Qt. This team will play a key role in consulting customers on the software frameworks and operate them for them.

“FPT Software is a global leading technology provider with strong capabilities in digital technologies and solutions like Smart Factory, IoT, Embedded Systems, and Business Applications. Through this partnership, we hope to build a strong ecosystem and enhance user experiences for our customers”, said Chris Sohn, Qt Group’s Vice President and Head of Asia Pacific.

FPT Software and The Qt Company held their partnership signing ceremony online.

 “We are very pleased to collaborate with Qt and join its efforts to drive digital transformation in the region. This agreement is also a great opportunity for FPT Software to diversify our service portfolio as well as enhance our digital capabilities”, said Nguyen Duc Kinh, FPT Software’s Senior Vice President in charge of Automotive and Manufacturing Industry Group.