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FPT Software engineers received Google TensorFlow Developer Certificate


Early March 2020, Google introduced TensorFlow Developer Certification, an important certificate in researching and developing projects and apps related to artificial intelligence (AI) in general, and Machine Learning in particular.

Considering it as an important milestone for himself and in line with the company's orientation of focusing on new services, products and solutions, Nguyen Ngoc Tam - a software engineer working for FPT Software (a member company of FPT) determined to achieve this certificate.

It was quite a challenge. As TensorFlow was a new certificate, there were no sample tests for practice. Following the training, they will have to spend 5 hours completing 5 problems related to machine learning and deep learning.

“TensorFlow requires learners to have holistic and systemic thinking to apply calculation tools and data modeling process into AI accurately. This is also one of the important technology certificates that the Company advised me to follow to meet work requirements. This is in line with the development direction of the company and myself", said Tam.

The software engineers of FPT Software is spotted on the technology map of Google.

Following Nguyen Ngoc Tam, Nguyen Nho - another software engineer of FPT Software passed the exam to earn TensorFlow developer certificate. These two software engineers of FPT Software are the first two Vietnamese to receive the certificate by Google by the end of April 2020.

Two software engineers of FPT Software receives the A.I.-related certificate by Google.

TensorFlow assists companies in researching and developing AI apps in general and machine learning apps in particular. TensorFlow provides a full range of calculation, data processing and modeling tools to make an AI model much easier and more efficient to install.

"In order to provide high-value services on new technology platforms for customers globally, the Company asks our team to constantly learn and master in-depth knowledge, apply it into projects. The fact that FPT Software engineers became the first software engineers in Vietnam to gain TensorFlow developer certificate has partly demonstrated that the advanced technology skills can catch up with global trends," said a representative of FPT Software.