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FPT Software becomes Cloud Managed Service partner of AWS


At first, as meeting only 50% of AWS’s requirements, the members had to work hard within 3 weeks to pass its tests.

Nguyên TGĐ FPT Software Nguyễn Thành Lâm đánh giá, việc trở thành AWS Managed Service Partner là một thành công quan trọng của FPT Software trên con đường trở thành doanh nghiệp dẫn đầu trong lĩnh vực dịch vụ Cloud toàn cầu.
Former CEO of FPT Software Nguyen Thanh Lam stated that becoming an AWS Managed Service Partner was an important success on the path to the leading enterprise in the field of Cloud service globally.


Managed Cloud Service - the new business of FPT Software is being deployed in two projects for major customers in Japan and the Netherlands. Becoming Partners AWS Managed Service generates an opportunity for the company to standardize its process, SLA (Service Level Agreement) in order to run Managed Service projects in a professional way.


Regarding market opportunities, this is the kind of Cloud service with the strongest growth. According to a research by Gartner, in the next 4 years, the field will get an average annual growth rate of 28 %; the Public Cloud market will gained a 15.7% growth.


"Cloud Managed Service will help complete Cloud offering portfolio of FPT Software. Besides Cloud Migration, we will provide lump-sum Cloud service packages as well as accelerate the development and stability of FPT Software's Cloud business," said Nguyen Thi Dan Phuong, Head of FPT Software Worldwide Business Development (FWB).


“Being recognized as an organization meeting the requirements for an AWS Managed Service Partner proves that in the field of Cloud, FPT Software is qualified enough in terms of technology and strong enough in terms of management and processes/SLA optimization to bring about the best values to customers", said Tran Viet Hung.