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FPT showed off a series of digital transformation solutions at the Industry 4.0


FPT attended the Industry 4.0 Summit 2019 from March 2 to 3. The leaders from member companies and FPT experts had valuable presentations at two seminars on Smart City and Smart Banking. In addition, FPT also brings to the exhibition its core products and services, contributing to the promotion of digital transformation for Vietnamese businesses and organizations.

FPT's booths has brought the unique technology experiences: FPT.AI - FPT.AI – A comprehensive Artificial Intelligence platform; akaMES - An ecosystem of Plant Information Management applications; akaBot - a Robotic Process Automation; FPT.eHospital 2.0 - Smart hospital management system etc.

Chairman of FPT IS Duong Dung Trieu stated that FPT has soon researched and developed many solutions and apps to promote the digital transformation of banks such as eKYC solutions, RPA solutions and network security solutions etc.

CTO of FPT IS Nguyen Xuan Viet proposed three solutions to solve the open data problem in building smart cities: Build data banks; Prioritize high quality data sources and build cityAPI.