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FPT show off smart city at Vietnam ICT Summit 2017


Some of its products/sevices namely Smart City, Smart Traffic, FPT.eHospital, e-government, Cyber security, FPT FaceBox, FPT.AI, Knowlead.io, Cyradar  and FPT Playbox were shown off at the Vietnam ICT Summit 2017.

The 7th Vietnam ICT Summit 2017 was opened in Hanoi on September 6 with the aim of taking a closer look into the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Hosted annually by the Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA), this year’s event welcomed Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam and more than 500 participants, including the top leaders from relevant ministries, localities, economic groups and IT enterprises in the country and from around the world.

FPT Chairman Truong Gia Binh and FPT IS CEO Pham Minh Tuan introduced FPT’s solutions to Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam at the Vietnam ICT Summit 2017.

Delegates at the summit focused their discussions on four main themes, including awareness on Industry 4.0; Vietnam’s digital economic strengths: the digital industry, intelligent agriculture, and smart travel; smart cities; and digital manpower, innovation and startups.

In the morning, FPT Chairman Truong Gia Binh addressed the opening ceremony and played role as a moderator of panel discussion 1: “Awareness of Vietnam 4.0". Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam highly appriciated some projects being run by FPT such as autonomous viecles, smart city and thought that these showed that the enterprise was throwing itself forwards in Industry 4.0. Deputy Prime Minister along with the guests also visited the exhibition booth of FPT.

In the afternoon, FPT IS CEO Pham Minh Tuan took part in a panel discussion on Smart Ciy. Discussion topics included Vietnam’s and international scenario in developing smart cities, Standardization and criteria of valuation for Smart City, Cyber security, Vietnam’s approach – Challenges and Solutions. Currently, FPT has many solutions to develop a smart city such as e-Government, Smart Transport, e.Hospital etc. Many of these systems have been put into practice, namely Bus Transport Management and Operation in Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh City Transportation Porta, e FPT.eHospital etc.