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FPT set up new office in China


With the newly established office in China, FPT aims to accelerate the process of meeting the needs of Japanese companies in particular and other foreign enterprises in China in general at reasonable cost.

The new office is located in Shanghai and under FPT Japan. Thus, up to now, FPT has been present in 21 countries and territories around the world.

FPT’s office in the second largest Chinese city.

In the immediate future, FPT's target customers in China are companies from Japan, Europe and the U.S with offices/ factories located in China. In the Automotive sector alone, all giants such as Continental, Denso, Pioneer etc. have factories scaling up to thousands of people in Shanghai. Most of FPT's existing customers in this sector, especially the Japanese companies have facilities in Shanghai.

Shanghai is Asia's top economic and financial center and has been engaged in internationalization for long term with the modern thinking for the modern business and the open environment. This city with a combined population of 25 million inhabitants is allowed to use special mechanisms to attract foreign investment. Therefore, Shanghai becomes an attractive destination for foreign investment enterprises which would like to participate in the Chinese market, set up facilities here.

Earlier, FPT Korea officially received its license of operation. It runs as a branch of FPT Japan and attaches special importance to its own advantages related to Automotive, Consumer Electronics and Media Entertainment.

After more than 18 years of expanding its operations outside Vietnam, FPT has currently been present in 21 countries with more than 28,000 employees. FPT implements its global strategy in two directions: providing IT services/solutions in the latest technology trends for major corporations around the globe and successful services/solutions in Vietnam for customers in developing countries.