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FPT launch AI-based app for communication support needs


Speakdi, a Japanese-Vietnamese translation app invested by FPT Japan, using FPT.AI, is officially available on the App Store.

Speakdi is a synergy product invested by FPT Software, a member company of FPT Corporation, applying FPT.AI, FDIC (FPT Software Global Comter) and some other AI technologies.

“Speakdi” stands for “Speak đi”, focusing on natural conversations made everywhere and every when. With Speakdi, users can speak or type to use. On the market, there are many apps that can translate Japanese to English and Japanese to French, but Japanese-Vietnamese translation apps focus on only words. Speakdi can translate both words and sentences, assist with pronunciation.

Every month, the free use of 4,000 characters (equivalent to 300 minutes) is automatically granted. To use more, please purchase the license at USD5 (equivalent to 20.000 characters) or USD10 (equivalent to 40.000 characters).

In the near future, the app will be developed to add more functions and support for other operating systems. The company is planning to add more features and functions to the app and make it available on others.

FPT.AI is a conversational platform that allows developers to add a natural language interface to any app or any device. There are two main components: FPT.AI Speech and FPT.AI Conversation.