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FPT IS implements robotic process automation for Prudential Vietnam


Early April 2020, the RPA (Robotic Process Automation) project for Prudential Vietnam was officially put into operation by FPT Information System Company (FPT IS) after a 1.5-month implementation. After being put into operation, the RPA system will help Prudential with "robotization", reduce time, and increase the productivity of business processes that are found to be complicated, prone to errors.

FPT IS' project team deployed RPA successfully for Prudential amid coronavirus outbreak.

Despite the outbreak of Covid-19, the project team tried their best to understand insurance which was completely new to them as well as propose appropriate implementation plans in a short time. They mainly worked and exchange their views online.

According to Mr. Vu Thai Son, the representative of the project team, the biggest challenge they had to face was that the client changed the order after the survey period had passed. At that time, the team had to decide whether to continue the project. We worked together to quickly give the option that meets the requirements of customers, ensure the efficiency and the scope of the project.

Besides Prudential, FPT IS successfully deployed the RPA system for many major financial institutions and banks. This is a stepping stone for other RPA projects with clients in some potential fields such as insurance, healthcare, retail etc.