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FPT IS helps Dong Nai to become the pioneer in E-Hospital


On 30 August, FPT IS has officially started the 2nd phase of the project “Building the Health management information system of Dong Nai”.

Specifically, the software system would be divided into 3 groups: treatment management at 15 hospitals of Dong Nai; preventive health management for 182 health centers locally and sector management – standardize the database at health department and hospitals.

Thanks to the project, hospitals and health centers are expected to have an effective management software system; the ability to monitor special activities of management team and quickly access the database; a complete data center and a data mining system for operation and administration, etc. Especially, as the main beneficiary of the project, the people here now can enjoy a better healthcare with more simple administrative procedures.

According to Doctor Le Quang Trung, vice director of Dong Nai Department of Health, with this project, Dong Nai has become the pioneer to synchronize the management and health system from “central” to local.

Earlier in 2009, FPT IS together with Dong Nai Department of Health has successfully implemented the 1st phase of the project. Specifically, the FPT.eHospital software system which has been effectively applied at Nhi Dong, Thong Nhat and Long Khanh hospital, has helped to simplify the administrative procedures and reduce waiting time.