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FPT granted a free year of subscription for FPT eCovax to help businesses


Hanoi, August 23, 2021 – Understanding the difficulty and obstacles, in order to support businesses to operate and do business without interruption during the pandemic, FPT decided to offer one year of FPT eCovax digital solutions including FPT eContract (Electronic Contract), FPT.CA (Digital Signature); Oncall and Base Request switchboard (Management, approval, and proposal) for businesses nationwide to register before December 31, 2021. The first “jab" in the FPT eCovax Program was designed to enhance "e-antibody" for businesses.

According to a recent survey of nearly 400 businesses by FPT, the three biggest challenges businesses are facing right now are decreasing productivity when working remotely (43%), stagnation of paperwork, invoices, and contracts when working remotely (20%), and interruption of work communication (13%). To address these issues, up to 94% of businesses said they were definitely willing to invest in digitizing human resources management and paperless offices.

Understanding the difficulties mentioned earlier and the challenges faced by businesses, FPT launched the first “jab" to help enterprises to transact, interact, and connect with customers/partners, employees and to digitize all internal requirements and recommendations for more stable operation during the period of social distancing.

With this first FPT eCovax product package, businesses are supported for free with a 01-year of product license, including 50 electronic contracts with 500 digital signatures; 01 fixed hotline, and 05 users of Oncall call-center; 30 users of the Base Request approval solution. Interested businesses, please register here, contact hotline 19006870 or send an email to the address: ecovax@fpt.com.vn. 

  • FPT eContract – Electronic contract solution: a digital contracting platform that automates the process of signing contracts/documents online for all participants in the process with validity. Enterprises and organizations manage the drafting, adjustment, approval, and storage of contracts/records on a single platform at any time and anywhere, saving 80% of the time and 85% of the cost. Currently, 67,322 electronic contracts/records have been successfully signed and sealed on FPT.eContract.

  • FPT.CA – Digital signature: This solution is fully integrated with FPT.eContract to help businesses quickly sign all types of documents, reduce up to 90% of signing time and costs, ensure legality management, improve efficiency and productivity of the company. This has been trusted and used by more than 100,000 businesses.

  • Oncall – Flexible, economical, and efficient call-center solution: unlimited expansion, unlimited number of simultaneous outgoing calls; easy to scale up without switching any new infrastructure.

  • Base Request – Manage, approve, and propose: a solution that helps businesses digitize to save 90% of processing time by quickly processing all requests and internal suggestions.

Sharing about the FPT eCovax Program, Mr. Truong Gia Binh, FPT’s Chairman said: "In the past, when talking about digital revolution 4.0, we predicted that the world would change and never be the same again, but the Covid-19 pandemic happened and changed everything even quicker than we thought. Business is like a living entity, also gets infected, aggravated, and bankrupt, even the rate is many times higher than of humans. The death rate to the Covid-19 infection rate of people in Vietnam is about 2.2%. Meanwhile, according to surveys of organizations, the infection rate of enterprises is 90% and the bankruptcy rate of enterprises is about 10%.

“In a time of social distancing like today, businesses need digital tools to smoothly operate remotely. With the desire to support businesses to overcome the challenges of the pandemic, the FPT eCovax Program has been launched with the "jabs" as digital solutions to help all businesses in Vietnam. Every day is an important day for businesses, so it is not necessary to solve all problems. Solving urgent problems customized to businesses’ needs is what we are focusing on right now." Binh emphasized.

The Covid-19 vaccine provides resistance to protect people against the disease. Similarly, FPT implemented the FPT eCovax Program with the expectation of helping businesses to "add" the necessary "digital antibody" to strengthen the immune system in administration, operation, business, sales, etc. to minimize the impacts of Covid-19 on businesses, ensure uninterruption in the current period, and accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises in the future, when the Covid-19 pandemic is under control.

At the same time, the FPT eCovax Program will also organize a series of in-depth seminars on consulting and sharing experiences in applying digital solutions from FPT experts and leading experts in many industries. Especially for the first time, businesses have the opportunity to receive one-on-one advice from the Chairman of FPT - Mr. Truong Gia Binh. He is well-known as an inspirational leader, consultant, and judge for hundreds of competitions and events in business and digital transformation. Mr. Truong Gia Binh is also a passionate and influential person to the Government policies in the operation of the private economic sector in Vietnam. Interested businesses can register for a 1:1 consultation with the Chairman of the Board of Directors of FPT Corporation and leading industry experts here.

For more information: https://vnexpress.net/kinh-doanh/fptecovax/gioi-thieu