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FPT deploys the first Virtual agent for Call Center in Vietnam for Home Credit


FPT just cooperated with Home Credit to launch the first Virtual agent for Call Center in Vietnam on July 8th. Developed on the comprehensive artificial intelligence platform – FPT.AI, FPT.AI Virtual agent for Call center has the ability of automatic two-way conversation with tens of thousands of customers every day, helping Home Credit optimize operation, improve productivity and deliver a better customer experience.

As one of the leading consumer finance companies, Home Credit is serving millions of customers every day. In addition to maintaining a flexible operating system which is continuously connecting and interacting with customers, Home Credit also tries to improve customer experience at each contact point. In particular, the company focuses on telephone conversations for continuous improvement of service quality. That is the reason why Home Credit cooperates with FPT to deploy Virtual agent for Call Center. The project is an important milestone in Home Credit's digital transformation journey with the motto of customer-centricity.

“Using technology to improve customer experience is one of Home Credit's strategies on its digital transformation journey. The project with FPT is part of our strategic roadmap. The implementation of Virtual agent for Call Center allows us to reach and serve a larger number of customers at the same time, while improving service quality and customer experience", said Mr. Branislav Vargic – Chief Operating Officer of Home Credit. "Home Credit and FPT found a common voice to complete the project as soon as possible and launch the first Virtual agent for Call Center in Vietnam. This is an important milestone for Home Credit in particular and the consumer finance industry in general," added he.

FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call center is expected to be the strategic solution of Home Credit to help customers experience its services not only quickly, but also immediately.

At the moment, the Virtual Assistant at Home Credit can automatically make calls to confirm customer information, introduce products, remind payment schedules, two-way interaction to receive information and confirm payment status for customers.

FPT.AI is equipped with natural language processing technology with models of acoustics and languages specialized for communication over the switchboard, allowing automatic implementation of Inbound Call, Outbound Call or Smart IVR.

This is also one of the outstanding products in FPT’s digital transformation solution, FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call center that is capable of handling thousands of calls at the same time with high accuracy and uniformity.