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FPT and Thien Long sign MoU on enterprise digital transformation


Thien Long – Top 50 listed companies 2020 (Forbes) and FPT Technology Corporation –Top 300 Asian enterprises signed a Memorandum of Understanding on digital transformation.

Accordingly, as a strategic partner, FPT provides Thien Long comprehensive digital transformation solutions and services, which helps this company well grasp global transformation trends, developing potentials, improving the quality of products and services, then strengthening its position in the domestic and international market.

FPT Chairman Truong Gia Binh, Thien Long Chairman Co Gia Tho and other senior leaders from the two enterprises attended the ceremony.

The signing ceremony establishes a long-term cooperative relationship between the two companies in the digital transformation process, digitizing management, manufacturing and operation. FPT will give advice on the digital transformation roadmap in accordance with the reality and vision of Thien Long based on its current operation, management and strategic goals in the future. The Corp will consult on IT solutions to digitize and automate the system of production and business management, warehouse management, supply chain, and improve the ability to give analysis, warning and forecast, then complete building smart database in order to meet the fast and sustainable development goals.

Within the framework of the event, FPT visited Nam Thien Long factory and held a workshop on the process of digital transformation to provide an overview of the methodology and the process of digital transformation that is taking place domestically and internationally; digital transformation initiatives in the stationery industry and some case studies in the FMCG or CPG industry.

The two sides expect this cooperation will promote successful digital transformation at Thien Long, helping the company further consolidate its potentials and make breakthroughs.