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FPT among “Vietnam’s 50 Best-performing Companies”9 times in a row


On July 10, the ceremony to honor the "Vietnam’s 50 Best-performing Companies" 2019 (Top 50) took place in HCMC. At the event, FPT was honored among Top 50 2019 and the list of billion-dollar companies on stock exchange. This is the 9th time FPT has been named on the list.

"The event took place in the difficult economic situation. Congratulate Top 50. These businesses have made adjustments, formed policies to adapt to the pandemic, "said Dang Nhat Minh - Editor-in-Chief of Nhip Cau Dau Tu Magazine at the ceremony.

Vietnam’s 50 Best-performing Companies” (TOP 50) is an annual prestige ranking developed by Nhip Cau Dau Tu Magazine in tandem with Thien Viet Securities to honor the most effective companies on Vietnam stock exchange. The ranking process took counsel from many economists and business experts who were Harvard Business School graduates, and we also referred to many prestigious rankings from renowned publications such as Bloomberg Businessweek, Fortune, and Forbes.

FPT among “Vietnam’s 50 Best-performing Companies”9 times in a row

To objectively assess the management capacity of enterprises, TOP 50 evaluates businesses’ results of three consecutive fiscal years, based on three indicators: revenue, return on equity (ROE) and earnings per share (EPS).

In 2019, FPT’s revenue reached VND 27,717 billion, up 19.4% YoY, exceeded 4% of the 2019 target. Profit before tax (PBT) was VND 4,665 billion, up 20.9% YoY, exceeded 5% of the 2019 target. The overseas market recorded a PBT growth of VND of 26.9% YoY to VND 1,894 billion, accounting for 41% of FPT’s result, underpinned by the technology sector with PBT of VND 1,723 billion, up 26.7% YoY.