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FPT accompanies Japanese enterprises to make breakthroughs in the 'new normal'


"As a pioneering tech company, FPT wants to accompany Japanese enterprises to make breakthroughs in the 'new normal'", FPT Chairman Truong Gia Binh emphasized at a webinar with 120 Japanese enterprises.

More than 300 representatives from 120 Japanese companies attended the webinar themed "Covid-19 and the new normal" by FPT recently. Speaking at the event, FPT Chairman Truong Gia Binh delivered the message, "FPT wants to become a co-investment and innovation partner with Japanese businesses to make breakthroughs in the new period".

Mr. Truong Gia Binh stated at the event

According to a quick survey at the event, the majority of Japanese businesses are facing three major difficulties: how to ensure optimal productivity while working from home; revenue decline mainly due to lower demand; supply chain disruption and production delays.

The survey also shows that Japanese businesses plan to overcome the crisis by changing the way they work; offering new services, business models and making digital transformation. They expect IT companies in Vietnam to be the perfect partner in DX and IT.

Japanese businesses also made positive comments on the shift to Vietnam based on the advantages of geographic location, resources, success in containing COVID-19 and growth potential etc. In the long run, Vietnam is an attractive investment destination and in this crisis period, Japanese companies may choose Vietnam as a new one. 70% of the participants want to have a deeper discussion about the shift to Vietnam.

According to them, it is convenient to work with FPT, which owns a large number of IT employees good at Japanese. They are also interested in FPT's proposals related to digital transformation, digital commerce and digital education etc.

With the "wartime" FPT Digital Kaizen® methodology and digital transformation solutions, FPT will help businesses take the initiative when facing unexpected and complicated challenges; make the most effective decisions in the "new normal".