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FPT’s 4 platforms and solutions win 2020 Vietnam Digital Transformation Awards


Vietnam Digital Awards, annually organized by the Vietnam Digital Communications Association (VDCA), aims to honor businesses and individuals with contributions to the digital technology and digital economy development of the country. FPT’s 4 platforms and solutions were honored in the category of Digital Technology Solution and Service.

The judges highly appreciated the security superiority and time-saving feature of akaChain. The blockchain-powered platform also improves customer experience and helps businesses in finance and banking sector to assess the potential risks of bad debt.

akaChain is the pioneer product on the market that helps businesses save costs, increase productivity and promote security. Therefore, businesses can create new growth models that were impossible due to limitations in technology and automation.

It is expected that akaChain will focus on security and transparency to develop a complete suite of solutions for digital identity and traceability in supply chain.

FPT’s 4 platforms and solutions were honored in the category of Digital Technology Solution and Service.

Online training solution FPT.eLearning aims to provide ministries, departments, industries, businesses, schools and educational institutions with a complete online training tool. The solution assists managers in optimizing the training process and the organization of examinations as well as helps students with the learning process, document exploitation and examination.

FPT.Fortuna, a data integration and processing platform developed by FPT Information System, provides all the necessary operations for data. This solution includes not only data integration applications but also operations including analyzing, reporting, processing and retrieving data provided to third-party applications or the central data warehouse. Having been applied in the data processing and integration project of Ho Chi Minh City since 2016 and demonstrated its effectiveness, 2019 iKhiến runner-up is considered an e-Government solution to promote smart city development.

FPT.CaresBook – a mobile app supports hospitals/medical facilities to deploy digital interaction channels with customers/patients, helping people to easily access healthcare services. Users can make appointments and receive results online, gradually replace paper books.

In addition, the fact that electronic prescriptions and instructions are synchronized in personal devices keeps patients informed about examination and treatment history. The system reminds them to perform medical care at home and follow the instructions. The app is being deployed at the National Hospital of Pediatrics, bringing a lot of benefits to patients as well as medical staff and managers.

These solutions and platforms are in FPT's ecosystem of outstanding digital transformation solutions, which helps businesses and organizations increase productivity, save costs, make the most of resources to overcome crisis and contribute to the development of the digital economy, towards the digital nation.