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CTO FPT: "Vietnamese businesses have many opportunities to go beyond safe areas”


In the first session with the topic "The future doors" under the coordination of CTO Le Hong Viet within the Tech Summit 2020 by Forbes Vietnam on July 16th, the speakers gave the message that there must be multidimensional connectivity to open the door to the future: Big data and applications from big data.

The discussion aims to broaden the concepts of data and resource approaches to embrace opportunities from future key technologies. Joining the FPT CTO are speakers: Mr. Denis Brunetti - CEO of Ericsson Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos; Mr. Dao Duc Minh - Managing Director of Vingroup Big Data Institute; Mr. Nguyen Ba Quynh - Senior Vice President of Hitachi Vantara and Mr. Dang Tung Son - Deputy General Director of CMC Telecom.

CEO Ericsson Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia & Laos Denis Brunetti affirmed that the businesses in Vietnam are having many opportunities to access and use technology applications in business operation when digital technology is present everywhere in the world.

Discussing about whether the machine will take away the human work, CTO FPT said: “It is a question from the first industrial revolution. I think in the future, people will have to work harder because they have to take on difficult jobs, and easy jobs will be done by machines”.

In particular, one of the most interesting parts in the session was the speaker’ analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of Vietnamese enterprises when many opportunities are opened in the future.

The biggest advantage of Vietnam, which the speakers agreed with, is the high-to-low synchronization in resources and the nationwide network of information technology.

The second advantage according to FPT CTO Le Hong Viet is that the business environment in Vietnam is diversified and dynamic, there are not many iconic "big men", plenty of opportunity is to the businesses to "break the rules" to break through and get out of their comfort zone.

According to Mr. Viet, a data-driven business will bring a lot of value to customers: better experience, better service. In addition, it also brings operational efficiency to the organization. Businesses can automate a lot of processes, optimizing all their operations based on data. Big Data helps predict the advantages and disadvantages of the operation. Data and artificial intelligence also bring new method, which is completely different from the present and much more advanced.”

“The biggest challenge in using data is the enterprise learning ability. The business owners must have their mindset and determination to bring data and technology into the way they operate. Weakness in human resources is also something that needs to be overcome. The person who changes early will gain a certain advantage. The change can be thanks to reasonable and effective partners in each segment, it is not necessary that businesses have to be self-reliant”, CTO FPT talked about the challenges faced by enterprises when operating with data. Heal so predicted that the speed of AI development and applications in daily life is very large, increasing by up to hundreds of times and will continue to maintain in the future.

Mr. Dao Duc Minh - Managing Director of Vingroup Big Data Institute pointed out the disadvantage of Vietnam is the lack of connection and communication between parties when applying new technologies, for example communication between technology enterprises - research institutes - universities - technology application enterprises.

Before the session ended, the coordinator Le Hong Viet affirmed that in order to promote technology development in Vietnam, it is necessary to have exchanges between many parties and many dimensions to ensure that enterprises are provided with sufficient and authentic information to make the best investment decisions.