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AI and RPA technologies help create breakthrough customer experiences in BFSI


The COVID-19 pandemic interrupted the connection between customers and businesses in banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), overwhelming call centers with increasing demands, while human resources are severely lacking. Businesses, thus, need to reduce cost for operation optimization, while still maintaining higher work efficiencies and smooth, uninterrupted systems.

Meanwhile, customer experience is becoming an important factor positioning businesses in the mind of their customers. It is one of the three prerequisites for determining the winner in the digital age, besides digital operation and new (digital) business model.

AI and RPA technologies are chosen by many businesses to help handle business processes from receiving customer information to solving complex procedures by virtual agents which work 24/7 and are 60 times more productive than traditional employees, thereby helping to improve customer experience and create breakthroughs.

In order to support businesses in their recovery post-pandemic, FPT is hosting the “Create breakthrough customer experience with AI and RPA technologies for BFSI businesses” conference at 14:00, July 2nd, via the teleconference platform Webex.

The leading experts of EY and FPT – those who provided consultancy to various banks, finance companies, and insurance organizations across the globes, will share their real stories and lessons at the conference.

At the conference, Mr. Varun Mittal who is responsible for Fintech development of EY in over 130 rising markets across the globes will share about AI & RPA application trends, as well as new standards in operations and customer experience improvement for BFSI businesses.

Mr. Le Hong Viet – FPT CTO and Mr. Bui Dinh Giap – FPT Software’s Head of Product for akaBot, will show them how to apply AI & RPA in real activities of Vietnam’s BFSI businesses.

The AI and RPA solutions/products by FPT help businesses reduce costs by up to 60%, save 90% of the time on business operations.