FPT Recorded Revenue And Profit Before Tax Up 24.1% And 23.8% Respectively


After Q3 of 2022, FPT recorded revenue of VND 30,975 billion, profit before tax of VND 5,665 billion, up by 24.1% and 23.8% respectively over the same period last year, completing 73% and 74.4% of the planned target for annual revenue and profit.

Global IT Services’ Revenue increased by 30%

Technology sector (including Domestic IT Services and Global IT Services) continues to play a key role, contributing 57% of revenue and 47% of pre-tax profit of FPT Corporation, equivalent to VND 17,742 billion (+24.1%) and 2,635 (+25.7%) billion VND respectively.

Global IT Service revenue reached VND 13,479 billion, up by 29.4%, profit before tax reached VND 2,210 billion, up by 27.6% over the same period in 2021. Notably, revenue grew in all markets, especially in the US (up 42.4%) and Asia - Pacific (up 56.4%). The Japanese market also witnessed rapid recovery with the revenue growth reaching 18% despite weakening JPY. Digital transformation revenue reached VND 5,294 billion, an increase of 34.1% over the same period, affirming the ability to provide effective and comprehensive digital transformation services of the company.

Global IT Services recorded newly signed revenue of VND 16,799 ($700 million) billion, up by 42.6% over the same period, creating a solid growth momentum for the remaining quarter of 2022. FPT also recorded 18 projects with a scale of over 5 million USD (+12% YoY).

Domestic IT services segment achieved revenue and pre-tax profit of VND 4,263 billion (+10%) and VND 425 billion (+16.5%), respectively. In which, products of the Made by FPT ecosystem brought in VND 658 billion in revenue, up by 48.3% over the same period.

Made by FPT technology ecosystem is developed based on core technology platforms including AI, Blockchain, Cloud, IoT and Lowcode; has wide applicability in many key fields such as e-government, transportation, healthcare, finance and banking, telecommunications, education, manufacturing, etc. This is one of the important growth drivers for FPT in the long term.

Telecommunication and Education sector continue to achieve sustainable growth

Telecommunications sector revenue grew by 17.1% over the same period last year, reaching VND 10,807 billion; PBT increased by 21.6%, reaching VND 2,169 billion. In which, telecommunications services revenue increased by 16.1%, reaching VND 10,243 billion. 

The strong demand for education in the IT industry has contributed to boosting FPT's Education revenue by 47% compared to the same period last year, reaching VND 3,104 billion.

Business highlights in the 9 months of 2022

FPT becomes LTS, Inc’s strategic shareholder

October 13, 2022, FPT announced its investment in Japanese business consulting services provider LTS Inc., becoming its strategic shareholder. The investment is expected to help FPT strengthen its capabilities in Japan's consulting industry and target more double-digit million-dollar deals.

FPT Software and NCS develop a 3,000-employee technology center

This cooperation agreement meets the strategic goal of expanding the global technology service and development network of both sides. The center is expected to reach more than 3,000 employees by 2025. This is also the third strategic technology center of NCS in Asia. FPT Software's opportunity here is to have access to the latest projects and technologies, and to expand access to and implement Singapore's national technology projects.

Continue to promote comprehensive digital transformation cooperation with provinces and cities

By the end of Q3/2022, FPT Corporation signed digital transformation cooperation agreements with 22 provinces; in order to renew the growth model, economic structure associated with the implementation of strategic breakthroughs of the province and contribute to making the province become one of the leading localities in digital transformation in all 3 areas: Digital government, digital economy, digital society. Based on the Group's technological strengths, digital transformation experience and socio-economic characteristics and competitive advantages of each province, FPT will support provinces and cities in digital transformation and thereby develop their comprehensive socio-economic landscape.

FPT Play launches FPT Play decoder 2022

On September 6, 2022, FPT Play officially introduced to the public the FPT Play 2022 decoder, the first decoder in Vietnam market that integrates two technology platforms IPTV and OTT on the same device. The FPT Play 2022 decoder is also an important piece in the high-tech ecosystem, improving the customer experience to create a digital life and a smart digital society that FPT Telecom is gradually building.

200 Hope School students to enter the new semester 2022-2023

On August 26, School Day 2022-2023 of the first 200 students of Hope School – the school that nurtures and trains unfortunate children who lost their parenets to Covid-19 – took place in the love and sharing of more than 350 guests from all over the country.