Yamaha Uses FPT SPro to Digitize Internal Processes


At the beginning of July 2022, after investing time in researching the market, Yamaha Soc Son decided to choose FPT SPro of FPT IS (A subsidiary of FPT Corporation) to help digitize processes and automate task assignments. Promisingly, the solution will bring a breath of new wind into the company's internal operation.

As a leading motorcycle manufacturer, Yamaha, and Yamaha Soc Son in particular, always set stringent requirements with its IT systems and applications. Winning out over other competitors, FPT SPro has convinced the management team of Yamaha Soc Son due to its unique advantages in features, costs, deployment services...

Yamaha Uses FPT SPro to Digitize Internal Processes

Yamaha Soc Son decided to choose FPT SPro after a while of researching the market

With FPT SPro, hundreds of internal processes of Yamaha Soc Son will be standardized and digitized on an all-in-one platform, helping the company manage workflows and resources comprehensively. According to the decentralization and authorization mechanism, the system automatically assigns tasks to employees/identifies staff to take charge of the jobs. FPT SPro turns traditional paper-based workflows into digital experiences for leaders and employees, automating 50% - 90% of the total workload and significantly reducing internal transaction time. Users can actively perform, approve, manage, and report work progress from anywhere, as long as they have smart devices.

In the coming time, FPT SPro's benefits to Yamaha Soc Son are expected to open up opportunities for cooperation between FPT IS and other members of Yamaha, as well as major domestic and foreign manufacturing enterprises.

FPT SPro is a solution to digitize processes and assign tasks automatically. It helps increase organizational efficiency by 150%, automating 50-90% of procedures and being trusted by 35,000+ users. With FPT SPro, businesses can standardize and digitize hundreds of processes on a single platform to comprehensively manage workflows, automatically allocating duties by task/person assignment mechanism.