Swinburne Vietnam and FPT join hands to found Swinburne Innovation Space


This 15 June, 2021, The launching ceremony of “Swinburne Innovation Space – A creative institute to connect enterprises” was held at 80 Duy Tan Str., Hanoi. This was an essential move in the journey of reassuring Swinburne’s commitment of a realistic-centered in enterprises’ education & training. Currently, Swinburne is ranked the 321st globally.

The foundation of Swinburne Innovation Space is formed by Swinburne University and the top leaders such as FPT Telecom and FPT Software with the common goal of researching and applying the latest technology patterns – specifically in IoT and AI. Accordingly, FPT Telecom and FPT Software join hands in training, orienting Swinburne students with realistic job-based projects, together bringing the best out of knowledge and soft skills in the working environment. The objectives of this collaboration is to first and foremost, preparing students to be ready to join the global workforce right after their graduation.

Swinburne Innovation Space belongs to the enormously active ecosystem of Mar-Tech enterprises and therefore, it was designed to operate educational activities, conferences, then, to allow creativity and application to burst among teachers, students, researchers and businesses.

According to Mr. Hoang Viet Anh – FPT Telecom CEO, this founding of Innovation Space of Swinburne University Vietnam is a frontier move to enhance the efficiency collaboration between enterprises and universities in the Technology Era. “We truly believe that investing is the best way to nurturing the Vietnamese young workforce in general and FPT human resource in specific. Within this center, students will get the chance to connect with the latest global technology right in the heart of Hanoi. It is believed that there would be students and scholars joining in the research and development of helpful solution to their own study and career. We will facilitate and enable students to connect, experience technology and real projects in business from the early stages. They will also be supported by mentors industry and trained with oriented industry certificates.” – Mr. Viet Anh stated.

Swinburne University Vietnam Executive Director – Dr. Hoang Viet Ha shared: “Swinburne is also known as the University of Real Industry – the new generation of university which provides realistic business experience for their students and technology solutions for enterprises. This founding of Swinburne Innovation Space is based on the successfully executed model in Swinburne Australia with the top leaders. This specific action contributes in implementing Swinburne’s “Moonshot” strategy. This strategy makes sure every learner has hands-on business experience and a bright career prospect right after their graduation. Then, it also collabs to research and offer technology solution with the partners. Swinburne is the destination for the latest educational, research and application model to be executed.”