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Unique architect of the Administrative building at FPT University

Unique architecture of Administrative building of FPT University
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Considering performance and the idea of having an office with an open space that could be altered to meet current and future need, the administrative building of FPT University at Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park in Hanoi was built with special modular concrete blocks.

The place looks like a large garden with greenery covering most of the area. With the combination of greenery and abundant glass, sufficient natural light enters the building reducing dependence on artificial lighting.

The building has a curved façade creating blocks at different levels, producing a vivid landscape. The façade is divided into large squares with trees inside them, producing shade for the building. This design helps employees on every floor to look outside and see trees. The main lobby has 2-floor high tempered glass windows and big pillars with atriums creating asthetic focal points and avoiding tedious repetition. The roof is covered with grass and trees, creating relaxing spaces on top of the building.