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Trang Contest

Hoang Viet Anh 02​


"In my opinion, people who become Trang Nguyen are given opportunities to demonstrate their abilities. That's true for me. The title has brought me more opportunities to be trained and challenged. However, that is only the necessary condition," said Hoang Viet Anh, the first Trang Nguyen of FPT. Currently, he is CEO of FPT Software (a subsidiary of FPT).

Since 1998, FPT has held the Trang Contest to seek and honor brilliant individuals with a passion for self-improvement and learning. At the same time, the contest aims to identify candidates for the next generation of managers/leaders and encourage a learning movement in FPT. Participants take three exams from the department to corporate level. Winners are honored as FPT Trang Nguyen and appointed to management positions.