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Respect and Sharing

Respect and Sharing 


Seeing the documents of FPT leaders, I recognize that what make me and my teammates keep the enthusiasm is FPT spirit and pride.


I joined FPT in June 2001. At that time, FPT Software had only about 100 people. I was impressed with the open environment and people who were sociable, mutually respectful and sharing.


In the foreign company I worked at before, Vietnamese staff members denigrated each other. This company was very different. The frankness and openness of Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nam (one of the 13 founders of FPT, now Senior Advisor for Innovation for FPT) made a strong impression on me. His convincing talk helped me feel more confident as I dared apply for a job at an IT company without an IT major.


At that time, we were very idle. After completing a project with Japan, we waited for the next one. In our spare time, we got access to FPT’s internal website and read poetry, wrote prose, give comments, etc.. We did art activities together. At that time I fell in love with FPT Software’s environment. There were times when we had to implement projects all day and night for months and we worked passionately without complaining.


Now I wonder why I love the company so much. Why, after many ups and downs, I still choose and consider FPT as the only stop in my life. Seeing the documents of FPT leaders, I recognize that what makes me and my teammates remain enthusiastic is FPT spirit and pride.


At FPT, employees do not have to flatter their bosses or trap colleagues for personal gain. I has  heard of and seen leaders bring gifts to the company to share with others. Colleagues love each other, seniors instruct juniors. Ever being an amateur in IT, I was taught a lot by programmers and project managers. Respect and innovation always covers our work process.


The friendly and impartial work environment will stimulate creativity at work. At FPT, if you do not try today, you will be left behind tomorrow because the company does not stop to wait for anyone.