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Nurturing the dream of studying new technology

Nurturing the dream of studying new technology 


Besides the rise of technology, especially the S.M.A.C. trend that FPT is pursuing, 2014 also saw the successes of tech workers. One of them is Hoang Anh Minh, Manager of the Research and Development team, FSU1.Z8, FPT Software. He became the first technology expert of the corporation to gain the title “Miss FPT”.

Mr. Minh joined FPT in 1998 after graduating from the university. As there were not yet many challenges at work, he also took on the lecturer position at the Hanoi National University. Informed about a scholarship by one of his friends, a PhD candidate abroad, the young programmer went to Europe to study Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing.

Studying as well as working at technology companies in the Netherlands and England for 4 years urged him to look for opportunities to learn, then fueling his passion. In 2006, during a visit to the homeland, his former classmates who are working at FPT Software induced him to come back to the company. 

After years studying and working abroad, he recognized that it was time to unleash his potential and experience in Vietnam. He accepted the invitation to work for FPT as a technology expert and returned to 'the village pond' from the great sea with a dream of Vietnamese high-tech products. "Rejoining FPT is one of my lucid decisions. FPT is a rare software company in Vietnam that has helped me fulfill my dream of studying new technology," said Mr. Minh.

In 2008, his dream of doing R&D was kindled when he participated in the image processing project for Fujifilm (Japan). Like a duck takes to water, Mr. Minh with high elation took on many different positions in the project, from project manager, central manager to system architect. "If it had not been FPT Software, I would not have experienced such interesting and challenging positions. The criteria, including speed, creativity and effect, helped the participants make continual progress", said Mr. Minh.

After completing the project with Fujifilm, Hoang Anh Minh was transferred to the DIRECTV Offshore Development Center (DIRECTV ODC) in order to join projects with the leading satellite television firm in US. At that time, DIRECTV ODC needed someone with knowledge and experience in machine learning, big data mining and common intelligent algorithms with English skills like a native. After a careful search, Hoang Anh Minh was selected.

As the manager of R&D team under DIRECTV ODC, Mr. Minh and his colleagues were responsible for Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Graph, indexing algorithms and approximate matching algorithms. R&D’s contribution in terms of solutions and technical advice and problems in this American client’s business always contains a high content of technology.

For example, one of the team's products is the voice search on a mobile app being used by tens of millions of North Americans. Currently, he and his colleagues are eager to offer additional solutions to the Recommendation problem. "Each user will have the most suitable recommendation according to their hobby, habit and even emotion when standing in front of the TV," he said. "It could be film-suggestion tech after users’ emotions are recognized or they describe a few details or characters of the film."