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Green office at F-Ville

Put into use in late 2013, the software village named F-Ville was the first and largest software project in the Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Zone, Hanoi. With a seating capacity of 1,700, F-Ville has modern equipment, an outdoor sports space, a swimming pool, a gym and a coffee shop to provide FPT staff members a supportive workspace.









The design of F-Ville is unlike that of any existing village. With the use of traditional materials and well-planned space, the architectural features remind people of an ancient village.  Moreover, in order to provide a creative and friendly workspace, F-Ville was designed to optimize elements of the natural environment in order to create a "green office building" with live trees covering all areas from precinct, skylights and roof to the front of the building and even the workbenches.










F-Ville was built with an eye on the general development trend of the software giants such as Infosys (India), Neusoft (China); TCS (India) and Wipro (India). These companies own very large modern campuses to encourage employee creativity.




F-Ville is FPT Software’s third campus in Vietnam, the first being the FPT Campus in the Massda Danang Hi-tech Park (opened in 2010) and F-Town Campus in Saigon Hi-tech Park District 9, Ho Chi Minh City (opened in 2011).