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Generating motivation for long-term commitmen

Generating motivation for long-term commitment


"Besides providing a good working environment, FPT has specific policies for technology workers. This is a good motivation for my long-term commitment and dedication," said Tran Tuan Anh, FPT Solution Board (FSB), FPT Software under the FPT Corporation.

Having passion for IT since his school days, Tuan Anh was very keen on interactive programming languages. It’s not boring as are other subjects. He was constantly learning, joined an international informatics competition and won a bronze medal. With a passion for learning, he went abroad and studied at the National University of Singapore after graduating from high school. He stayed in Singapore and worked in the field of IT after graduation.

In early of 2014, he decided to join FPT Software after getting invited by the head of FPT Software’s Solution Board.

For Tuan Anh, FPT Software is both strange and familiar because at work he has a lot of friends who studied at the same high school and university. "FPT Software employs many young people who have a professional working style and the work environment is good so I have no trouble integrating," he stated.


According to Anh, FSB is the right place for him to work. The board provides the best conditions for each person to complete their tasks. FPT Software excels in compensation, policies and organizational activities. This makes him really happy with his decision.

Joining FPT Software just a short time ago, he finds himself going in the right direction and he looks forward to a long-term commitment to the company. Currently, he is in charge of market research, finding new directions and offering service packages to customers in the field of Mobility. He also studies and learns more about the technology needed to build FPT Software’s Mobility capacity.

"Currently, Mobility is exerting a direct influence on everyone. More and more people are using smartphones. They are becoming indispensable to these individuals. Mobile is expected to become the corporate platform in the future and this market is open, competitive, lively and interesting. It also generates lots of jobs and new things to explore and study," he said.
Anh stressed that tech jobs require regular updating. Every day, he spends 15% to 20% of his day studying and learning, and applying that to the actual needs of FPT Software. 
Regarding his plans for the near future, he and his team will continue to promote multi-platform, multi-screen mobile apps, focus on training experts in this field, and increasing FPT Software’s value with the best services. "Besides a good environment, FPT has specific policies for technology workers. This is a good motivation for my long-term commitment and dedication," shared Tuan Anh.