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Gain and loss Trade-off

Gain and loss Trade-off

"Weeping tears of joy and having mortal anxiety occurred frequently throughout my journey to become a shop manager. These moments remain in my mind until now," said Do Trong Hai, FPT Retail.


Just a month after beginning one job, Hai was assigned to take on a new one.


"In the near future, the company will promote some shop managers, including you. However, you have to prove yourself and try more in the two most challenging shops in Ha Dong and Giang Vo. If you don’t do it when you can, the opportunity might not be available again for a long time," Ms. Phan Tuong Linh, Sales Director of FPT Retail in Hanoi, said to Hai.


At that time, he was very deliberate not because he did not have enough confidence but because it came so fast. He was sorry that he did not make more contributions to the FPT Shop at 216 Thai Ha. "Then I think there is nothing to lose, try to do it to the best of my ability knowing it is a trade-off between gain and loss," said he.