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FPT gives me an opportunity to be reborn

FPT gives me an opportunity to be reborn


Nguyen Hoang Hai (FSU1.BU1, FPT Software), 24 years old, fell into a deep pit of despair when he learned that he had leukemia. The previously healthy 70-kg man lost 8 kilograms in one week.

His father died when he was young and his elderly mother is unemployed. Meanwhile, the treatment cost is very high. Everyday, Hai spends more than VND 2 million, not to mention the VND 600-700 million for a bone marrow transplant.

Knowing Hai’s situation, the Union of FPT Software asked the Management Board of the Community Fund to immediately provide him with VND 50 million. A program was launched seeking support from his colleagues at FPT Software. Soon after, colleagues from Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City, Singapore and Japan gave their enthusiastic support. Between September 18 and 30, 2014, FPT Software gathered VND 248 million and a great deal of encouragement.

"When I became sick, I learned how people felt towards me. Thanks to the help of everyone, I regained confidence and determination. No matter how hard my life is I will fight to the finish and not betray my friends and colleagues,” said Hai.

On Community Day in 2015, Hai and his family learned that a 4-month treatment will be carried out. In the first 15 days, Hai underwent chemotherapy treatment.  After seven days of chemotherapy, he went home and prepared for a bone marrow transplant. The hospital was to do the transplant in mid-April followed by isolation treatment for 3 months. The “rebirth opportunity" cost VND 750 million, VND 300 million for the stem cell treatment and VND 450 million for the bone marrow transplant and follow up treatment.

The Union of FPT Software continued to seek donations from philanthropists in and out FPT to help Hoang Hai. Donations were accepted between March 18 and 28. All money obtained was given to his family.


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