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A stroll around campus by bicycle

FPT Software provides employees with bicycles


Bicycles are common at the headquarters of technology giants such as Google, Microsoft and Infosys. If you visit Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California (US), you will see bikes in all colors and sizes, free for anyone there to use. Google experimented with bicycles in 2007 and began to provide multi-colored bikes in 2009. They are kept in an unnamed building not far from the headquarters, and many have been placed at bus stops near the campus so employees can ride a bike between their bus stop and work.

However, in Vietnam, providing employees with bikes, complete with good locks, is something quite new and untried. FPT Software purchased 30 Thong Nhat bicycles for employees to use within the Hoa Lac high tech park. Any employee or customer at F-Ville can use one.  The bicycles, available on site, must be  put back after they are used. "Bicycles available on the campus not only help employees travel in a more convenient way but also get more exercise", said Mr. Nguyen Thai Son (FSU17).