As a pioneer in the latest trend of technologies, especially those core Industry 4.0 technologies, FPT has quickly seized global opportunities to develop an ecosystem of Made-by-FPT platforms, solutions, products and services. Such ecosystem has helped accelerate and facilitate the DX journey at businesses and organizations worldwide.

Technology is being viewed as a strategic tool to help organizations and businesses improve their competitiveness, promote innovation in operations, comprehensively rebuild and thrive in a world reshaped by Covid-19.

With more than 30 years of experience in Vietnam and globally, and a team of more than 28,533 engineers and technology experts, through a network of subsidiaries and affiliated companies, we always stand side by side with organizations, enterprises to research, develop and provide the most optimal solutions and services.

FPT is currently a strategic consulting partner in technology/digital transformation of leading corporations and organizations in the world and Vietnam in many fields.

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Digital transformation consulting

Based on FPT Digital Kaizen's digital transformation methodology, we provide customized consulting services based on clients' business strategy and focused direction, existing characteristics and strengths, for development and growth, in the form of a comprehensive and detailed implementation roadmap. We are focusing on two main areas: Digital transformation consulting for businesses and Digital transformation for provinces and cities.

In the field of Business Digital Transformation Consulting, we design a customized digital transformation roadmap for businesses based on the fundamental conditions of an information technology system and digital workforce to help businesses achieve: Operational excellence, Beyond-expectation customer experience, Next-gen business model, Next-gen business model, Reinforce a digital workforce.

In the field of consulting for provinces and cities, together with leading strategic consulting partners and technology implementation partners, FPT provides Socio-economic development planning consulting services and digital transformation consulting services towards leapfrog and sustainable development.

Information technology services

Businesses are ramping up efforts to optimize business outcomes with Cloud, Big Data, AI, Blockchain, RPA, and Internet of Things. In many industries, technology is completely changing the way businesses manage, operate, do business and manufacture. At FPT, we are providing solutions and services to help businesses realize these changes with technology.

Solutions by industry

FPT designs, provides and deploys most of the overall information technology systems for organizations and industries that play a pivotal role in the economy such as public finance, banking, telecommunications, and healthcare...

Services provided include: IT infrastructure services; Designing and building databases for enterprises; Network and security systems; Payment system, supervision and specialized equipment for the banking industry; specialized products for telecommunications, traffic, customs; banking, securities and telecommunications implementation solutions; Server hosting; Database Administrator.

Made-by-FPT technology ecosystem

The Made-by-FPT technology ecosystem helps businesses and organizations accelerate the digital transformation, bolster productivity, save costs and maximize resources, in order to overcome challenges.

The Made-by-FPT ecosystem has been built over a range of core technology platforms, including AI, Blockchain, Cloud, IoT and Lowcode. Such ecosystem is now broadly applicable in many key areas such as e-government, transport, healthcare, banking and finance, telecommunications, education and manufacturing.

Business management platform

In 2021, with the desire to promote the completion of a comprehensive digital transformation ecosystem for 800,000 Vietnamese businesses, we have invested in Vietnam's No. 1 Business Management Platform -

Built on the cloud platform and SaaS (Software as a Service) software,'s product features are updated for free and quickly. The deployment process is also simple, helping businesses save a lot of costs. The platform enables the managers to monitor the overall picture of the business through real data, thereby making accurate decisions to increase working efficiency, reduce costs (time, human resources, etc.) and boost revenue.