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Cloud professional service
Cloud computing has proven to be the best answer to the questions: how to drive business innovation and how to improve efficiency, both questions faced by every organization. As the leading technology company in Vietnam, FPT Software helps clients choose the most suitable Cloud platform and adopt Cloud technology. As the leading technology company in Vietnam and a cloud partner of giants such as Microsoft, Amazon Website Services (AWS), FPT helps customers select suitable cloud platform and operate IT systems efficiently in cloud computing environment. Through numerous projects in various domains (Transportation, Healthcare, Broadcasting, Education, Manufacturing and Retail), we understand clients’ concerns while migrating to the Cloud and we know how to overcome these obstacles.
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FPT provides the best services/solutions to help enterprises adapt to a mobile environment effectively. We offer a wide range of services on various mobile platforms such as Android, IOS, Windows, Blackberry from full enterprise mobilization process to service development, testing and deployment. Our state-of-the-art SaaS solutions help clients control their enterprise mobility systems instantly with zero investment.
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Internet of Things - IoT
IoT is one of the latest technology trends, including the physical objects or objects embedded in electronic devices, software, sensors and connected devices to help them get greater values. FPT is working with corporations owning  IoT - related platforms such as Microsoft and GE to assist customers in building  reliable, cost-effective solutions.
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Legacy Migration
FPT has been a key partner of Microsoft since 2004 with the Lotus Notes Transition to the Microsoft platform. With a team of experienced experts and efficient offshore capabilities, FPT became one of the leading Lotus Notes migration providers. We create a value-driven solution to allow companies to drastically reduce or completely remove legacy Notes Application infrastructure, reduce redundant and outdated databases, shrink their server footprint and reinvent a collaborative environment to maximize usage of the new platform.
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Application development and maintenance
We help clients minimize the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their application portfolio and effectively utilize applications that have been developed and successfully deployed by FPT over the years. Application development and maintenance services are implemented in line with international quality processes such as CMMi.
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Product Engineering Services
With a  large pool of experienced software engineers, we offer product engineering services such as Embedded System; CAD / CAM; IC design to help customers shorten the  time of new product developmente and promotion. Currently, we have been providing services to hundreds of projects with clients in the sectors of automotive, consumer electronics,semiconductor,  telecommunication and medical devices.
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Quality Assurance & Testing Services
FPT provides Quality Assurance & Testing Services to companies both onsite and offshore depending on customer preference. For FPT, testing is more than just finding defects. It’s also a process of verifying and validating all desired aspects of a product, and then cutting down the correction cost and reducing product development time.
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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services
Being the BPO pioneer in Vietnam, FPT designs and provides BPO services in accordance with international standards providing multi-lingual support in languages that include English, Japanese, French and Chinese.
Our BPO service mainly focuses on Data processing, Financing and Accounting, and Personnel administration .
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