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FPT has developed application software for government institutions in order to strengthen capacity and promote the development of e-government in Vietnam.
As an open system with full subsystems (applications) for all departments, (FPT.eGov) software is currently being applied in 21 cities and provinces. Most notably, it has helped Ho Chi Minh City become the country's leader in the ICT and IT application index.

As an open system with full subsystems (applications) for all departments, FPT.eGov can be used by many departments at the same time or single applications can be run according to the specific requirements of each department.

In 2012, FPT.eGov was awarded a silver prize at 2012 ASEAN ICT Awards Ceremony (the ASEAN ICT Awards (AICTA) are given under the auspices of the ASEAN Telecommunication Ministers).

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Public Finance
FPT has been engaged in the implementation of large-scale public finance systems in Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Myanmar etc.
Case studies include the Personal Income Tax Management System, the Tax - Treasury - Ministry of Finance - Customs Integration System, the Post-customs Clearance System, Integrated Tax Administration System for Bangladesh, the Financial Management Information System (FMIS) for for the National Treasury of the Royal Government of Cambodia and Myanmar financial switching system.

In 2013, FPT.eCustoms – e-customs Clearance System for Vietnam Customs won the first prize at the eAsia Awards.


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Banking - Finance

FPT has conducted in-depth research in order to provide solutions that meet clients' requirements at each development stage of the market. It has launched a number of updated versions of products such as SmartBank (SmartBank), a State Bank reporting system (FPT.SmartConnect), a State Bank reporting system (FPT.SBRS), a core software for financial institutions (FPT.SmartFinance)....Among these, SmartBank is the key product developed by FPT. It is currently being used by 25 Vietnamese and foreign banks including Saigon Commercial Joint Stock Bank and Dai Tin Bank in Vietnam; Banque Pour Le Commerce Exierieur Lao (BCEL), Laos-Viet Bank, ST Bank, Indochina Bank of Laos, the Public Bank of Laos, the Public Bank of Cambodia, the Foreign Trade Bank of Cambodia and Vattanac Bank of Cambodia.

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Health - Education

In order to improve the quality of health care and education, FPT has developed application software products such as the Hospital Management Information System (FPT.eHospital), Clinic Management software - FPT.eClinic (FPT.eClinic), School Management System Software (FPT.EMIS Plus), and the International School Information Management System (FPT.ISM).

Of these, FPT.eHospital is now being used in more than 60 hospitals , and medical centers across the country. FPT.eHospital was awarded a gold prize at the 2012 ASEAN ICT Awards (the ASEAN ICT Awards (AICTA) a given under the auspices of the ASEAN Telecommunication Ministers).

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FPT provides 4 groups of transportationsolutions: Legislation and Enforcement, Transport infrastructure management, Terminal management and Intelligent transportation system (ITS). E-ticket system for Vietnam Railways helps people buy train tickets online 24/7 and improve business results for the railway sector. Bus management and information system for Ho Chi Minh City Department of Transportation helps manage more than 3,000 buses, 120 bus routes and 17,000 trips per day.
Electricity, Water, Gas

FPT partners with the world's leading partners to market the package solution of smart meter (by FPT) and intelligent solutions in the field of electricity, water and gas. On verage, about 2 million meters are produced each year.

For many years, FPT has developed a variety of software products which have increased the business efficiency of enterprises in all sectors. Several outstanding solutions include:

  • The Human Resources and Payroll Management System (FPT.iHRP)
  • The Shareholder General Meeting management software (FPT.DHCD)
  • Hotel Management Software (FPT.iHotel)
  • A general information system to manage billing (FPT.Billing)
  • The Distribution Management System (DMS)

Particularly, FPT.iHRP is being used by more than in Vietnam; 50 enterprises in Vietnam; DMS in Vietnam and nine other countries in Southeast Asia. 10,000 salesmen of 1,100 distribution companies in Vietnam and nine other countries in Southeast Asia.